Youtube Shame Advertisers Fund GANG Stalkers

Derek Tige Hand Youtubes DEMON

Tige D Hand of Covington GA USA Is Warmly welcomed by Youtube , Allowed to do as and what he feels channel after channel of threats slanders and attacks on other Youtubers, Again Advertisers are Paying for this?

Even knowing this user is of no use to youtube, revenue rolls to youtube and the systems are to slow to clear the mess Tige Hand creates to others.


Derek Tige Hand Youtubes DEMON

OFFLINE He is BAD News -  ONLINE On Youtube He is also BAD

Derek Tige Hand Youtubes DEMON Channel

VIDEO After VIDEO just harrassing other Youtubers day after day.  NOTE The THREATS , using peoples faces all with YOUTUBES Blessing?

Tige Hand is the real Youtubes DEMON - READ MORE