Youtube Shame Advertisers Fund GANG Stalkers

Just a sample of MANY of the Videos on Youtube , ADVERTISERS  Shame on You & SHAME on Youtube.



Christopher N Lippincott - Chris Lippencott has for 4 years used the youtube also for none stop slandering as this example of Youtube doing nothing. and ADVERTISERS Associated with this kind of youtube content.

WHAT On Earth would ANY Company get from any advert on that?

Or This Rambling?


Youtube give ANY idiot As Many channels as they want, to slander threaten and swear abuse people, and do scams its just a sick sick Platform, ONLY idiots can NOT see that YOUTUBE has got serious issues, and yet DOES NOT CARE.

WHY Do they NOT care?  Simple its money money money at THE Advertisers expense. The more videos the more adverts.


YouTube Shame WHY You should NOT advertise on youtube


Just have a look and YOU will see its like a shambles of JUNK videos with NO aim or purpose, Well 1 purpose and that is to let the decent Video Producers suffer at the hands of there MULTI Channel video producers.

1 GOAL -  MONEY  NOT a CARE For anything else.

YouTube Shame WHY You should NOT advertise on youtube


JUST A Kids sick chat room , FULL of slander hate bullying blackmail and EVERYTHING BAD For advertising.