Youtube Shame Advertisers Fund GANG Stalkers


Chris Lippencott Lippincott - Charles Todd Finley Texas - & The Youtube Gang Connections and how Youtube is used for sick blackmails slandering and nothing but Shit, by many youtubers targetting DECENT other youtubers with blackmails and kids picture swapping and scheming, all WITH YOUTUBE BLESSING !!!!    Youtube SHAME in a long film.



THE REALITY NOT Bullshit & REMEMBER  "EVERYONE"  as below.  YOU Could be next if the Scum decide.

Pete Kuske DEFENDING Kids from the Scumbag pervy blackmailers

INTERESTING WATCH & LISTEN ( Video below )SHOWING from the shits own mouths with the usual LIES exposed.

ALSO CONTAINS "THE BIG FILE"  Everyone hears about , so be warned its very powerful stuff NOT For the under 16 year olds .  SIT BACK & GET EDUCATED !!



Lippencott Finley Texas BIG FILE Youtube shame FACTS Exposed