Youtube Shame Advertisers Fund GANG Stalkers

Gangs that Harrass on Youtube

If you follow the clues the attackers are all Part the RAT Team Gang. These Few have both knowledge and a hand in the Pre Planned Slander Attack.
If your near these dregs of life. maybe you could have a quiet word in their ears.

LOGAN Chris Neill Lippincott  - Todd

Gangs that Harrass on Youtube
Christopher Neill Lippincott of , TBR Certified Boat Sales Finleys Boats 5005 NE Loraine Street, Haltom City, Texas,

+ 1  817-726-9998 
and Partner , Charles-T-Finley-Boat-Sales 4509,Marguerite lane, Fort Worth, Texas,


Gangs that Harrass on Youtube Ex Con Sara Pittman Druggy

SARA PITTMAN EXcon 3234 Maple Wood Drive BeaverCreek OHIO 45434



Gangs that Harrass on Youtube David Greig
David Greig 150 Ngatai Rd Otumoetai Tauranga New Zealand dazzathecameraman


William A Price STARBUCKS Oregon Stalker
STARBUCKS OREGON US32 - 3366  Portland Oregon ( Look Behind the Waste Bins ) He hacks and steals identities from Starbucks Customers.

Gangs that Harrass on Youtube

As the Youtube RAT Team Gang members are uncovered, as they do snitch a lot, and make mistakes, they will of course be added, but it seems these are the main Current players pushing Lippincotts Master Plan to rule Youtube with many fake channels all to harrass and ruin it.

Gangs that Harrass on Youtube