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David Greig dazzathecameraman NZ Tauranga YOUTUBES Masked Attacker Stalker EXPOSED

For all the None believers who see this David Greig from New Zealand, as this meek mild nerd who is so goody goody that butter would not melt, for over 5 years this Greig, using his other aliases, David Greg and Gregg, has been behind EVERY Bit of sleaze and blackmails slanders and more, on youtube. from rifling through facebooks for kids pics to speaking with ex hookers to get anything which can be turned into ammo to ruin and destroy all those more fortunate than himself.

Yes i know it seems far reaching but his own confessions as a ex drugged up looney tune, who hallucinates on any little word, and a inner devil talking to him, yes he hears voices, the voices which turn him into a Jekyll Hyde Character, almost in seconds.  There is so much to this David Greig that it gets sicker the more you delve. Lies and Truth get mixed , he has a alternate person living within him, a devil , yes this devil is a dangerous madman which takes Dave Greig over, it makes him mix with other known criminal sick people, like a magnet. Feeding off others misery his chronology of events would not be out of place in a movie such as "Silence of the lambs" with the front facade of this geeky Nerd astonomer front, masking a dangerous sicko.

Here we look at the Youtube Channel which hounded his enemies aptly called a favourite demon. On this channel initially was several names but then by chance, David Greig dazzathecameraman, had a fresh bust up with a wtf sky youtuber channel and it switched, showing sick coffins and spooky sounds it proceeded to show wtf sky private information, along with threats and sick comments. Before moving on to coincidently yet again David Greig dazzathecameraman next enemy, coincidence?  NO  Not once you understand how Greig and his close sick pals and partners in crime work. The signs were so obvious.

1.  Choice of name "Favourite"  a New Zealand - British spelling

2. Knowledge of the first initial 2 names used on the channel. Dave Greig only knew these.

3. David Greigs most favourite saying used on emails to Pete, in his ongoing threats, the term "Make your life a Nightmare".

4. The close links of related links , showing he is regular to the pages, after and once online.

The above together with his known best friends of ex cocaine dealers, go fundme scammers and low life criminals who he Loves to mix with on private skypes, in the small minded gang mentality..  IF You want to see sickos in a gang then this gang, hits the list of the dirtiest sleaziest bunch you could ever encounter ! trash and scum all saddo no lifers with sexual perversions and little kid fetishes, and more..

David Greig Tauranga aka dazzathecameraman EXPOSED websites

Our ?  Pretty simple to know the few who shared this slanderous evil sock account on youtube.  EVEN a Good Troll if one exists could work that out..

David Greig aka dazzathecameraman EXPOSED

New Zealand spellings David Greig aka dazzathecameraman EXPOSED


You will note . Trolls Prey - dazzathecameraman linked by the secret youtube elements.  Another Clue..  David Greig,New Zealand .  is those channels, we have him down with in excess of 5 seperate youtube channels..  Do NOT Be Fooled by his slimey slippery bullshits he is one of the Devil behind the scenes. The Puppet Master of hate and evil on youtube..

Apart from being one of the master evils of the Demons Channel. He is also key behind the purchasing of the slander lie websites on Pete, This was proved as of time of purchasing both the named domains and his own "ALL at the same time"  SPOT The times date, same place same time frame, Another slip up by Greig..  He stated that a friend got it at the same time as a favour!  Yes indeed which tells us all, David Greig works so close with this gang of shit saddos, that they buy each other important issues like a domain name, or is he as normal telling lies yet again ?  Even he probably would not know, as he does have a serious drug issue, and slides from mr Meek to Mr Evil in minutes, indeed once the blood pressure increases, so does the Devil within him.

Domains of slander David Greig aka dazzathecameraman EXPOSED

David Greig New Zealand i comment

Scruffy Clothes David Greig aka dazzathecameraman EXPOSED

He does love his Grey doesn´t he..  

Where does he live as he is so excited when he can get to make video after video showing his victims Homes, and uses them as silencing tools. A kind of you will shut up or i will leak this to my Pals and then you will be in trouble.  As i will sit back and just watch you squirm, from behind my desk..  Normally yes this happens and nobody suspects a thing.  Then David Greig or Greg or whatever he is using at the time, pipes up and starts with the oh my stop all 

this and about 5 videos covering comments made about the incident..  Then to slip back in to the shadows.. Ready for his next victim..

 David Greig aka dazzathecameraman Tauranga New Zealand

Well a simple google look and search shows address publicly available, and a trip round on google maps shows exactly. Confirmed by his own videos. The strange thing is back to the name?  Again why use David Greg of Tauranga , Yet Public records show David Greig of Tauranga New Zealand and NO Greg or Gregg?  This dazzathecameraman sure is a mystery man. WHY did the Tauranga Astronomy Club always have him down as David Greig, and newspaper articles as Greig, but then a strange shift to David Greg was made?  why?

David Greig aka dazzathecameraman  Tauranga New Zealand

See above phone record Showing;   David Greig, 150 Ngatai Road, Otumoetai, Tauranga, 3110, New Zealand. 

David Greig, 150 Ngatai Road, Otumoetai, Tauranga, 3110, New Zealand

 David Greig, 150 Ngatai Road, Otumoetai, Tauranga, 3110, Bay of Plenty New Zealand

David Greig dazzathecameraman NZ Tauranga YOUTUBES Masked Attacker Stalker EXPOSED