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Ben Mathews Exposes Lippincott Texas YOUTUBE Lies

Ben Time Traveler exposes Chris Lippincott Haltom City Texas Youtubes Mr Evil, In this mix video BTT shows on youtube just how much of a shit the Certified Boats Finley Texas liar is,
He exposed both just how thick Lippincott is, and confirms just how superior in brains and skill, Ben is. Also the dope evil Christopher N Lippincott tells his accomplice in evil schemes
identity as the Angel C J Storey of Seattle Washington, During one of his drugged or drunken youtube video live chats, he tells that this C J Storey Seattle Washington, is the very same old
Bruce Hamilton user which did Lippincotts behind the scenes sleaze and sick stuff.

The video Ben showed on the original Youtube video, Christopher Lippincott had made but forgot, and so when Ben shows the video Logan Lippincott actually started , saying shouting look the proof Ben Mathews makes money he has the money symbol on his videos, theres the proof and stuff.  the joke however was on dopey druggy Lippincott as you will see in the video. Ben outsmarted the thick drugged up Lippincott Logan. When he finally revealed it was Lippincotts own old video he showed, the idiot was so stupid he did not spot his own videos.
C J Storey Seattle Washington  Ben Mathews Exposes Christopher Lippincott Texas YOUTUBE Lies 

Ben Mathews Exposes Christopher Lippincott Texas YOUTUBE Lies
FINAL CONCLUSION;  Christopher Neil Lippincott YOUTUBER Logan, of TBR Certified Boat sales, Haltom City,Texas.  IS A THICK EVIL Piece of garbage. C J Storey MUST be desperate to even associate with him, and she is a shady character who abuses YOUTUBE, and Ben Mathews is smarter and way in a higher class than Lippincott.


All of this in one little video..

Ben Mathews Exposes Lippincott Texas YOUTUBE Lies