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Famous Diaries of the Madman Christopher Logan Little Boys Lippincott

In this Video Christopher Neil Lippincott Haltom City Texas, Shows the Truth in his normal calm beat you with a baseball bat, love little boys way. If anyone still has any doubts about just how mad this TBR Certified Boat sales Chris Lippincott of Haltom City Texas is? Watch and see. Its a video that will just keep you in stitches and make you wonder why he has not been sectioned and put in rehab yet?  And what happens when your locked in a cockroach dwelling with just booze and drugs in the fridge.  YOUTUBE class producer who stalks Youtube day after day, year after year with his Gang, all with Youtubes Blessings!

Like the angry Youtuber Lippincott Man says, check out the TRUTH and do not be a little boy. see below.

Famous Diaries of the YOUTUBE Madman Christopher Logan Lippincott

NOTE;  The Tax Evasions to go with the Assaults, GoFundme scams, Slanders and Other Criminal Fun things, Lippincott at Finley Boats Texas Haltom City do Regular..


The latest Youtube Gang addition and Said to be Lippincotts bit on the side / lover online the classy ex con Sara pittman as below, she funds him and Lies and covers on Youtube and elsewhere for him.. Druggies together in a love triangle..

TX-Logan Christopher LIPPINCOTT texas

Famous Diaries of the YOUTUBE Madman Christopher Logan Lippincott