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Youtubes GANGS How the Youtubers NEED To Protect from what Youtube allows

Interesting Video regarding the Rat Team Troll Gangs many triumphs was put out, in this video the victim is just a simple lady Doctor who felt the need to speak out on her findings, and give her own opinions, on both space and the Sun.
This led her to lose her career as a Top lecturer at a University in South Africa. Simply because her opinions do NOT match the opinions of the Gang.  Also whilst NOT agreeing she "Dr Albers" has committed the biggest sin ever, She is speaking to Scott C  of Planet X News.
To have this lady even speak or question that things on earth and space are not normal, was bad enough but to speak and share thoughts as to what is going on in Space, without always consulting the Gang is enough to warrant her family being picked on and her job to be lost, in the normal
Rat Gang way. The Video is worth the watch and listen and you decide if you consider that apart from Scott having his life threatened, did his Grandmother also deserve this? Or likewise does the Doctor Albers Son and Brother deserve to have the slanders which cost them there careers also, be ruined
just because the Rat Team Gang, want to remain the Only people who decide what you can and not do or think?

If you feel angry as ANY Normal person should, then like Scott had said you need to stand up against these scum class slanderous criminal shits. No iffs or butts they are the shits of earth, devils hiding behind masks of fakeness. It is a small Gang of
Lifes losers druggies and vagabonds, who get kicks from making up slanders lies and causing others trouble.

Failure to do anything is what they rely on, they rule by bullying and until they get stopped, then many others will get the Rat Team treatment.  One day it could be you so think on? Ask yourself?  Would you not like others to help you?  Of Course so man up and act before some other victim gets to be in the shitters sights..

All the information is available, as the Gang has been trapped and is well known, so you have no excuses.  Dr Albers, Scott C-Planet X, Darkskywatcher, Pete WDH, WTF sky, jake and Mari, and others have had the shit from the sleazeballs.  Time to stand up and say no more..










Youtubes GANGS How the Youtubers NEED To Protect from what Youtube allows