Youtube Shame Advertisers Fund GANG Stalkers

Youtube SHAME Exposed SAD Days at Youtube

Youtube Advertisers see the SCUM Your associated with on Youtube BE WARNED


Yes Youtube actively helps aids and encourages its turning from what was once a great serious platform for clever video producers, into the sick shithole its now become with its FULL Blessing. Youtube has done some dumb stuff in its past, but this New Youtube is sick nearly as sick as the new rules, Youtube now has implemented PURELY to get videos through which they can FLEECE its advertisers.

ADVERTISERS Ask yourselves do YOU want your Brand and name associated with the following Video content?  This is just a tip of the iceberg.  ANY Advertiser which considers ANY association with this level of Youtube Creator is good, deserves to be tarnished and Products classed as Trashy and Bad as the Videos it sits on. SO CHECK Your Company is NOT associated with Youtube.

THE NEW LEVEL OF Youtuber. This Christopher Lippincott and other users have many channels, ALL only made to slander and trash others.  WHAT DOES Youtube do?  Youtube let ANYONE have as many channels as they like FREE. This brainwave has turned Youtube in to nothing more than a joke and a Sick persons chatroom.  NOT Good for any Company or person apart from the Sick people who live to just junk youtube.

Below is a CLASSIC Drugged youtube user who lives for hate and slander on youtube, Mr Christopher Lippincott, Finleys Boats , Haltom City in Texas. For OVER 5 years he has been youtubing, producing NOTHING of content but copied stolen video content, and Harrassing Video´s. YET YOUTUBE Do NOTHING.

This prize EVIL Finleys Boats, Fort Worth, Texas,  Christopher Lippincott - Logan "often uses aka "Lippencott"of Youtube boasts. wife beating-blackmailing-Slandering-Id Fraud and more as acceptable. AVOID him or you could end up like this poor little woman below, WITH Youtubes blessings and ADVERTISERS Funds he roams day in and day out, to spread misery and lies and ruin others just for kicks.

Chris Lippincott wife beater conviction HaltomCity TEXAS    Chris Lippincott wife beater conviction HaltomCity TEXAS  Chris Lippincott wife beater conviction HaltomCity TEXAS


This USER blackmails , deals in kids pics, has 20 differing youtube accounts, and has been bad news for youtube for years, WHAT Do Youtube do?  NOTHING but let him have MORE Channels to keep him slandering.

WHAT Message is that for Advertisers?  IMAGINE YOUR BUSINESS Will be shown on this Sick persons videos, 

THIS IS SADLY THE  YOUTUBE from 2014 and present. see below the absolute PILES of Trash posted "WITH YOUTUBES BLESSING" Not only do they ALLOW This stuff. THEY Give them unlimited FREE accounts to make more.


 SADLY THE  YOUTUBE 2017 see below the absolute PILES of Trash posted  


Todd Finleys Boats Texas Chris Lippincott Dog

videos of dog abuse. videos of private info it has become a bad place. Youtube think it is all acceptable? ALL Money to them..


Private info, criminal records, slandering, cussing ALL just EVERYDAY for the NEW  Youtube. AND  "ONLY" A Fool thinks this is ANY Good place to spend ADVERTISE Revenue..  IT IS BACKFIRING . advertisers on youtube are becoming PART of the PROBLEM and TO BE AVOIDED !!



Youtube SHAME Exposed, SAD days at Youtube


SADLY THIS is THE YOUTUBE of the last few years . see the absolute PILES of Trash posted, THIS IS EVERYDAY ..  Youtube DO NOTHING as any video is good for adverts to make money. ADVERTISERS "YOU" Are being ruined by Youtube and FUNDING The Sad Sick Individuals who can NOT create but just use it as a chat and slander machine..